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"It was a close race," he said. "There wasn't a clear mandate in our race unlike the mayor's race. I know that I have to work my butt off earning the support of the folks who didn't vote my direction."    

On Tuesday March 1, 2016 William and Mary students turned out to vote at their respective polling locations to vote in Virginia’s primary elections. Hear what motivated them to hit the

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Hey Willie – news flash – you won’t draw a penalty if you are inbounds and so is the runner. I was laughing my …. off.

In the episode "Making Angels", the two Astrids finally meet, when alternate universe Astrid gives herself security clearance to cross over after the death of her father, to seek condolences and closure from her primary universe counterpart. It is in this same episode that we are offered a peek into the home lives of the two Astrids and why they might be so different. We learn that while both Astrids' mothers died when they were young, and they were both raised by their fathers, that alternate universe Astrid felt a sense of rejection and disapproval from her father, while the Astrid in the primary universe had a warm, loving father, whom she was close to (though she lies about this in an attempt to console her counterpart). However it is ambiguous as to whether this is a cause or effect, as alternate universe Astrid seemed to be under the impression that her father was distant due to the way she was, not that she was the way she was because he was distant, while we know nothing of how the primary universe Astrid may have been as a child.

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William Bell - The Best Of William BellWilliam Bell - The Best Of William BellWilliam Bell - The Best Of William BellWilliam Bell - The Best Of William Bell