Pink priest - hexes: volume 1

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1-197290B Sowers, Lee COMBAT ACTION COMMAND: WWII Miniatures Rules for 10/12mm, 15mm, & 20mm and the 1944 Expansion pack Bundle A clever set of rules written by Sowers, who adapted his modern version that taught tactics to Delta Force, NY City SWAT, and various army units into a WWII set of rules. Can be played with nail-biting gusto on a 4x6-foot table (or as small as a 2x2-foot table). Data cards carry all the necessary info -- newbies learn quick how to play, grognards use historical tactics to achieve victory. This is more simulation than game.

Most of all, YOU control the action. Forget dice- or card-controlled activations or IGo-UGo 'gotcha!' sequences. YOU and only YOU decide when to engage or retreat, when to open fire or lay low, and when to charge or maneuver. Of course, the enemy has the exact same control, so victory comes down to a battle of skill -- and knowing how to use the unique capabilities of your units.

* Geared for 15mm, but can use 10mm, 12mm, and 20mm figures - NO REBASING!
* Each Team stand equals one troop squad or a single tank, vehicle, or gun -- play platoon to company sized battles with ease.
* Asymmetric turn sequence with CAC interrupt allows you to size up the situation, seize initiative, and coordinate small unit attacks and defense.
* Clever Data Cards for each unique Team account for training, morale, experience, and weaponry so you spend more time commanding, not stat counting!
* Includes 24 Data Cards covering major US, German, and Soviet units, plus artillery, aircraft, AA, snipers, HQs, mortars, and specialty weapons like Molotov cocktails and sticky bombs.
* Points system for tournaments and balanced scenarios.
* Two 1944 scenarios included -- Saving Private Ryland (West Front) and Saving Feld Marshall Model (East Front).
* Requires six-sided dice, twenty-sided dice, a scatter die, and ruler.
* Full color, with detailed explanations of key concepts and necessary markers. Supplements with more data cards available.
* Website support offers lots more scenarios, free data cards, other playing aid downloads, AARs, strategy tips, and an exchange of ideas with the designer via e-mail and blog.

1 vol, 98 pgs 2012 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ...... $

Add to Cart 1-197291 Sowers, Lee COMBAT ACTION COMMAND: 44 Late War Data Cards 1944-1945 Supplement to Combat Action Command rules provides 44 new data cards covering 1944-1945 tanks, vehicles, and troops AND Tournament rules. These clever cards do most of the work for the wargamer with training, morale, experience, and weaponry incorporated seamlessly into game play. Learn how to use one card and you learn them all. These 44 cards cover US, British, German, and Soviet tanks, guns, vehicles, and platoons. Cards include:

1. 88mm Flak 36 AA
2. Pak 39 75mm ATG
3. Jagd Panther
4. JagdPanzer VI (p) 'Elephant'
5. Opel 'Blitz' Medium Truck
6. Kubelwagen (also OP version)
7. Pioniere (Engineer) Platoon
8. OST (Security) Platoon
9. Panzer Grenadier Platoon
10. Luftwaffe Feld Platoon
11. StuH 42 105mm sf
12. JagdPanzer IV (75mm L/48)
13. SdKfz 7/1 20mm Quad AAA
14. SdKfz 7/2 (Arm) 37mm AAA
15. SdKfz 250 (OP version)
16. SdKfz 251/22 Pak 39 sf AT
17. Brumbar
18. StuG III
19. Pak 38 50mm ATG
20. Pak (r) ATG

21. M16 Quad .50 cal AAA
22. M18 Hellcat
23. Jeep (also OP version)
24. GMC Medium Truck (US/UK/USSR)
25. US Regular Infantry Platoon
26. US Combat Engineer Platoon
27. M8 37mm GMC 'Greyhound' A/C
28. FFI - French Resistance Fighters
29. M7 105mm HMC 'Priest'
30. M8 75mm HMC 'Scott'

31. Churchill Mk VII Infantry Tank
32. Universal Carrier (OP version)
33. British Rifle Infantry
34. 17 Pdr QFG - ATG
35. M4 Sherman
36. M4 Sherman VC 'Firefly'
37. M10C 'Achilles'
38. Cromwell Mk VII Cruiser Tank

39. SU-85 Tank Destroyer
40. Desant Troops (tankodesantniki)
41. IS-II Heavy Tank
42. IS-152 Assault Gun
43. SU-100 Tank Destroyer
44. KV-85 Heavy Tank
1 vol, 26 pgs 2012 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ...... $

Add to Cart 1-197292 Sowers, Lee COMBAT ACTION COMMAND: Anzio 1944 American Rangers/1st Special Service vs German the Hermann Goring Panzer Grenadiers Supplement to Combat Action Command rules includes 2 Scenarios and 8 Data Cards

Take a walk in the sun with this new January 1944 Italy supplement to Combat Action Command containing eight new Data Cards and two new scenarios -- the Hermann Goring Panzer Grenadiers counterattack on the US 1st Special Services 'Devil's Brigade' Force in the village of Artena and Col. Darby's US Ranger assault on the Hermann Goring Panzer Grenadiers in the village of Cisterna. Also included are two new rules sections: Paratrooper Drops and Night Battles.

Data Cards Included:
- US -
1st Special Service Force: 'Devil's Brigade' Platoon
Army Ranger Platoon
Army Paratroop Platoon
M2/M3 Halftrack

- German -
Hermann Goring Fallschirm-Panzer Platoon
Panzer III L/M
Panzer III N
SdKfz 251 Halftrack 1 vol, 12 pgs 2012 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ...... $

Add to Cart 1-197293 Sowers, Lee COMBAT ACTION COMMAND: Eastern Front 1942-1943 -- Stalingrad to Kursk Supplement Supplement to Combat Action Command rules includes 12 Pages of additional rules and 94 Data Cards. Note, this not the real cover, but a WWII Soviet propaganda poster to set the mood.

This supplement covers turning points in the war on the Eastern Front and includes 94 new Data Cards, allowing you to refight the battles for Stalingrad, Kursk, Demyansk, Kharkov (and counterattack), and other actions. Cards include Pz III, PzIV, T-34, and KV variations, Karl Morser, Grenadiers, Rifle Infantry, Guard Infantry, Aircraft, other AFVs unique to East Front, and more.

Special rules include Commissars, Snow, Mud, Night Fighting, Rattenkrieg ('Rat War' -- Urban Warfare in Sewers), Snipers, Vasily Zaytzev, and more! 1 vol, 64 pgs 2012 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ...... $

Add to Cart 1-197294 Sowers, Lee COMBAT ACTION COMMAND: Pacific 1942-1943 -- Solomons Campaign CAC Supplement contains 46 Data Cards plus some new rules, such as Banzai Attacks, Semper Fi, and Gung Ho, which are unique to the Pacific Theater during WWII. We chose the Solomons in 1942 because there were many interesting battles besides those on Guadalcanal, and because this period of the Pacific War is perhaps the most balanced portion of the entire conflict. We've also added in some additional special units that could have fought in the Solomons, such as the First Special Service Force and British M3 Tanks captured by the Japanese. They were available, could have been used and make the game much more interesting. Scenarios, support, and download extras are on-line. 1 vol, 44 pgs 2012 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ...... $

Add to Cart 1-212730 Sowers, Lee SKIRMISH ACTION: WWII Skirmish Miniature Rules - Revised Edition This set of WWII skirmish rules covers 1939-1945 with major unit Army Lists for German, US, Soviet, British, French, Polish, Italian, and Japanese forces, complete with point system for tournament games.

It includes variable initiative using cards (including command and control decision making), streamlined cover and concealment rules, streamlined sighting rules, vehicles, artillery, aircraft, scenario suggestions, and a d6 system with a single clever combat results table for infantry, vehicles, and guns. Optional rules cover vehicle crew bail out, slow turret traverse, ambushes, mines, night battles, massed targets, and more. Includes sample historical TO&Es, markers, and web support.

For Flames of War players, Skirmish Action includes adaptation for multiple figures per base. 1 vol, 98 pgs 2017 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-pb, Revised edition with six extra pages of additional rules and army lists...... $

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As the Great Rift's cataclysmic birth following the fall of Cadia disrupted interstellar travel and communications and the Noctis Aeterna closed like a shroud upon the galaxy , Guilliman moved swiftly to stabilise the faltering Imperium. He turned to Belisarius Cawl once more to complete a plan that had been over 10,000 standard years in the making, since the end of the Horus Heresy and Guilliman's last tenure as the Imperium's Lord Commander. Cawl had spent that time "perfecting" the Emperor's original genetic template for the Space Marines laid down before the Great Crusade, creating a new legion of hundreds of thousands of improved Astartes deep beneath the surface of his forge on Mars . This new breed of transhuman warrior, the Primaris Space Marines , were bigger, more physically powerful and possessed faster reaction times than their original Astartes counterparts. Cawl had also spent the intervening millennia pushing the very boundaries of Adeptus Mechanicus dogma in search of "innovation," creating new, more advanced Power Armour , wargear, and vehicles for the Primaris Marines.

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Pink Priest - Hexes: Volume 1Pink Priest - Hexes: Volume 1Pink Priest - Hexes: Volume 1