Various - legendary labels

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Vivien Vivien is the woman who entombs Merlin in a cave or a tree. Although Merlin can foresee his own fate, he is unable to prevent himself being captivated by her and and then walled up by her.

Broly's most defining trait is his intense hatred for Goku . While both were newborns, Goku's relentless crying greatly irritated the nearby Broly, sparking the hatred which would grow sub-consciously in his early life and awaken upon seeing Goku again. It is implied that the reason behind his hatred for Goku is because he subconsciously associated Goku's incessant crying with the horrific things he had to endure later on such as narrowly surviving execution and barely escaping Planet Vegeta's destruction, and thus blamed Goku for these things. While under mind-control, and later when his insanity has set in, he often shouts Goku's Saiyan name, " Kakarot ", in an exclamatory way. Although he generally addresses Goku by his Saiyan name, he has referred to him by his Earth name twice, both times during their fight on New Planet Vegeta (at least in the English dub).

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When activated, it forms an armor similar to the key around his chest and the spikes of the "anchor" serve as thigh armor. His helmet is pushed down and the Super Silver Spear changes to Anchor Mode. In this form, he gains an increase in both speed and strength and is able to use a third variant of his Super Mega Final Strike, called Legendary Final Strike . By inserting the Super Megaforce Silver Key into and swinging the Super Mega Spear, Orion summons the heads of the official 15 Sixth Rangers with a flash of their personal symbols. First the Silver Space Ranger , the Lunar Wolf Ranger , the Solaris Knight , the Mercury Ranger , Ranger Gold , Ranger Silver and Robo Knight appear to use their weapons in gun mode (Solaris Knight's sole weapon in any case) to fire at the enemy to form the next line of Rangers. The blast forms into Mighty Morphin Green , the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger , the Gold Zeo Ranger , the Quantum Ranger , the Green Samurai Ranger , the White Dino Ranger , the Omega Ranger and the Gold Samurai Ranger , and they slash at (or in the Omega Ranger's case punch) the enemy to finish it off, and Orion himself performs the final attack by slashing the enemy with the Super Silver Spear.

Various - Legendary LabelsVarious - Legendary LabelsVarious - Legendary LabelsVarious - Legendary Labels