The xx vcr / night time / crystalised

The xx was nominated for 'Best British Album', 'Best British Breakthrough' and 'Best British Band' at the 2011 BRIT Awards held on 15 February 2011 at the O2 Arena in London, although it did not win in any of the categories. [30]

I remember renting this as a kid, and after the car sex scene, my dad ripped it from the VCR and grounded me. <3 Good (hot) times.

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CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Controlling the TUNER functions Set the component selector switch to SOURCE and then press TUNER to select “TUNER” as the input source. 4 Numeric buttons Use numbers 1 through 8 to select preset stations. 7 BAND Switches the reception band between FM and AM. 8 Cursor buttons u / d / j / i Press j / i to select a preset station group (A to E) and u / d to select a preset station number (1 to 8)

Despite McDonald's close involvement, the xx had been encouraged to self-produce their album by Russell; he believed it would remain faithful to both the band's distinctive live sound and the DIY ethic practiced at XL since its beginnings as a rave label. [2] Smith was chosen by the rest of the group to produce xx . [8] He used Logic 8 recording software on his Mac Pro and often worked late nights in a nearby conference room while they recorded in the studio with drafts of his beats. [2] Smith produced rhythm tracks with an Akai MPC sampler, which he occasionally processed through a Roland RE-201 and other effects units . [9] He also created click tracks for the rest of the band to keep timing when they recorded their individual parts. After those parts had been recorded, he refined and incorporated his beats into the songs for three to four weeks. [2] Croft trusted that Smith, who did not want to conceal any imperfections by overproducing xx , would make it practical for them to perform live rather than layer the songs with several guitar or vocal elements. [10]

The XX VCR / Night Time / CrystalisedThe XX VCR / Night Time / CrystalisedThe XX VCR / Night Time / CrystalisedThe XX VCR / Night Time / Crystalised