James last - non stop dancing 68/2

Last's trademark sound employed big band arrangements of well-known tunes with a jaunty dance beat, often heavy on bass and brass. [10] Despite at times being derided by critics and purists as the "king of elevator music "  [1] or "acoustic porridge ", [4] his style and music was popular in numerous countries and cultures, including Japan, the former Soviet Union , the USA and UK, and his native Germany, [11] where it became "the archetypal soundtrack of any German cellar bar party", [6] and made him the "most commercially successful bandleader" of the second half of the 20th century. [1]

Pierce Brendan Brosnan was born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, to May (Smith), a nurse, and Thomas Brosnan, a carpenter. He lived in Navan, County Meath, until he moved to England, UK, at an early age (thus explaining his ability to play men from both backgrounds convincingly). His father left the household when Pierce was a child and although reunited later in life, the two have never had a close relationship. His most popular role is that of British secret agent James Bond. The death, in 1991, of Cassandra Harris , his wife of eleven years, left him with three children - Christopher and Charlotte from Cassandra's first marriage and Sean from their marriage. Since her death, he has had two children with his second wife, Keely Shaye Brosnan .

Brosnan is most famous for starring in the TV series Remington Steele (1982) as the title character, as well as portraying famous movie character James Bond in Золотой глаз (1995), Завтра не умрёт никогда (1997), И целого мира мало (1999) and Умри, но не сейчас (2002).

When James returned from the Works, he became vain and troublesome; while double-heading a passenger train with Edward , he accidentally showered water over the Fat Controller 's new top hat, almost forgot to stop at the station and disturbed an elderly lady with his hiccups. After being threatened by the Fat Controller with a coat of blue paint, James became grumpy and began bumping the coaches around aggressively, though this backfired on him when one of the brake-pipes began leaking and needed to be mended with a bootlace and some newspapers. Following this incident, James was shut up in the shed until he could learn his lesson. When he was finally let out by the Fat Controller, James was assigned to pulling a goods train to Killdane . Although he had some trouble when some of the trucks broke away, James managed to keep the train under control and deliver it to the station, and was allowed to keep his red paint after the Fat Controller had seen everything.

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68/2James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68/2James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68/2James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68/2